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St. Luke’s Students Win Regional and National Language Competitions

Jon Shee, World Language Department Chair
Each spring, St. Luke’s Middle School and Upper School World Language Departments announce the winners of regional and national language competitions, including:
The American Association of Teachers of French Outstanding Senior in French Award 
National Spanish Exam
National French Contest
Congratulations to St. Luke’s 2022 World Language Award Winners!

Outstanding Senior in French Award from the American Association of Teachers of French 
Ryan DeFilippo ‘22

National Spanish Exam
More than 73,000 students participated nationwide. Congratulations to the St. Luke’s students who received the following honors:

Middle School

Seventh Grade
Daphne Antonioli, Silver
Gabe Ibarra, Bronze
Matteo Perez, Bronze
Jack Aronian, Honorable Mention
Lucy Millones, Honorable Mention
Alex Shaplen, Honorable Mention

Eighth Grade
Madelyn Alecia, Gold
Peter Uzgiris, Gold
Ryan Carre, Silver
Christina Charnin, Silver
Ellie Fatsi, Silver
Liliana Finn, Silver
Denis Gannon, Silver
Finn Kaplan, Silver 
Arjan Kochar, Silver
Preston Lambeth, Silver
Annie Meyer,  Silver
Jake Nadel, Silver
Wyatt Patrick, Silver
Lily Rothschild, Silver
Emma Ryan, Silver
Charles Ellis, Honorable Mention
Cole Gordon, Honorable Mention
Alanna Watson, Honorable Mention
Maeve Welch, Honorable Mention

Upper School

Ninth Grade
Kate Hammer, Gold
Lena Olbrys, Gold
Emma Sollenne, Gold
Laurel Aronian, Silver
Ava Gunthel, Silver`
William Moskowitz, Silver
Josie Pines, Silver
Sofia Ortiz Salazar, Silver
Ally Shulman, Silver
Jack Barker, Bronze
Ainsley Birmingham, Bronze
Lexi Brady, Bronze
Chris Corcoran, Bronze
May Frelinghuysen, Bronze
Juliet Geraci, Bronze
Samantha Gerber, Bronze
Teddy Hoffstein  Bronze
Nihaal Kochar, Bronze
Georgi Owsley, Bronze
Calum Regan, Bronze
Matthew Shulman, Bronze
Sarah Steele, Bronze
Catherine Steele, Bronze
Mira Unger, Bronze
Faith Creary, Honorable Mention
Brody Ebright, Honorable Mention
Leela Sharma, Honorable Mention
Ella Thomas, Honorable Mention

Tenth Grade
Megan Case, Gold
Ava Weneck, Gold
Rheda Young, Gold
Peyton Ambrose, Silver
Aurora Levesque, Silver
Nicole Perez, Silver
Gianmarco Pirri, Silver
Sylvia Samardzija, Silver
Bryan Larkin, Bronze
Kelly Neuner, Bronze
Bradford Cooper, Honorable Mention
Michael Luther, Honorable Mention
Watson Meyer, Honorable Mention
Grace O’Connor, Honorable Mention
Cyrus Pearson, Honorable Mention
Sienna Pilla, Honorable Mention
Sebastian Rosario, Honorable Mention
Alexandra Sheinkin, Honorable Mention

Eleventh Grade
Dean Ambrose, Silver
Margaret Laguzza, Silver
Annabelle Santucci, Silver
Macy Millones, Bronze
Sebastian Ortiz, Bronze
Justin Higgins, Honorable Mention
Olivia Woodruff, Honorable Mention

Twelfth Grade
Sarah Case, Silver
Alexandra Gall, Silver
Thomas Arnold, Bronze
Sara Minuesa, Bronze
Megan Stute, Bronze
Catalina Hendricks, Honorable Mention
Harrison Lambeth, Honorable Mention
Natalie Owsley, Honorable Mention
Ava Sollenne, Honorable Mention

National French Contest
Nearly 43,000 students participated nationwide. Congratulations to the St. Luke’s students who received the following honors:

Middle School

Seventh Grade

Samuel Turok, Bronze
Elin Briggs, Certificat d’Honneur
Scooter Seiden, Certificat d’Honneur

Eighth Grade
Oliver Samardzija, Gold
Bobby Somaya, Silver
Bryson Baker, Silver
Leah Seitz, Silver
Juana Marque, Silver
Patrick Gunn, Bronze
Justina Marque, Bronze
Amanda Martin, Certificat d’Honneur
Isabella Marcellini, Certificat d’Honneur
Sydney Laganza, Certificat d’Honneur

Upper School

Ninth Grade
Ali DeFilippo, Silver 
Maggie Fleuette, Silver
Ava Gunthel, Silver
Gigi McWhorter, Silver
Javi Minuesa, Silver
Liam Monahan, Silver
Holden Prymas, Silver
Madeline Winarsky, Silver
Rheda Young, Silver
Izzy Gaumer, Bronze
Dash Gilrain-Lennon, Certificat d’Honneur
Reese Kubick, Certificat d’Honneur
Aviva Moss, Certificat d’Honneur
Eloise Pakman, Certificat d’Honneur

Tenth Grade
Jackie Cecil, Bronze
Aidan Flanagan, Bronze
Pearse Connell, Certificat d’Honneur
Sally Picon, Certificat d’Honneur
Calum Regan, Certificat d’Honneur
Nico Rojo, Certificat d’Honneur
Eva Specter, Certificat d’Honneur
Lola Triay, Certificat d’Honneur

Eleventh Grade
John Rosseel, Silver
Jack Sullivan, Silver
Laura Haley, Bronze
Harrison Bennett, Certificat d’Honneur
Josephine DeMarco, Certificat d’Honneur
Phillip Etergino, Certificat d’Honneur
Huett Nelson, Certificat d’Honneur
Flynn Partington, Certificat d’Honneur
Abby Thomas, Certificat d’Honneur

Twelfth Grade
Eason Jones, Silver
Finn Regan, Silver
Thomas Arnold, Certificat d’Honneur
Andrea DiTeodoro, Certificat d’Honneur
Jack Dolan, Certificat d’Honneur
Sara Minuesa, Certificat d’Honneur
Will Stamoulis, Certificat d’Honneur
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