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Mandarin Students Create Custom Name Stamps in designLab

Jingjing Lai, Upper School Mandarin Teacher
After two weeks of learning Mandarin, Mandarin 1 students used a Chinese name generator to select a name that has special meaning for them. Utilizing the resources available in the St. Luke’s designLab, students created a custom Chinese name stamp, which they used to sign pieces of Chinese-inspired art.

To create custom name stamps, each student provided their Chinese name and illustrations of their meaning. They also created a QR code that linked to a video of each student introducing their Chinese name and its meaning, in both Chinese and English.

In the lab, designLab technician, Mr. Argo demonstrated how to use the laser cutter to engrave the outside of the stamp’s wooden block. Next, students attached the stamp’s rubber bottom to the wooden block. Using calligraphy brushes, students painted Chinese characters, pandas, and bamboo. They completed the project by using their new wooden name stamp to sign their artwork.

Special thanks to Mr. Bavone from TE(A)CH TECH for providing instruction on how to create QR codes and to Mr. Argo from the designLab for turning this project into a reality!
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