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SLS PA: November PA Education Series Recap

Michele Casey
On November 9, Kari Olsen, St. Luke’s Director of Well-Being & Academic Support, and Emily Kress, St Luke’s School Counselor for Grades 7-10, engaged parents in an insightful discussion on harnessing the positive side of stress. They explored the positive facets of stress, dispelled common misconceptions, and offered valuable strategies — such as box breathing — alongside helpful resources. These discussions aimed to equip parents with tools for managing their stress and supporting their children through stressful times.
During the "Empowering Parents for Tomorrow: Navigating the AI Education Revolution" session on November 14, Dr. John Spencer guided parents through exploring crucial future-ready skills for students. The conversation highlighted AI as a pivotal tool in fostering divergent thinking among students. Additionally, Liz Perry, Assistant Head of School for Academics, Eleanor Page, Director of IT, and Mark Chuhta, Assistant Head of Middle School, shared insights into the innovative ways teachers at St. Luke's are leveraging AI, emphasizing the importance of preparing students for success beyond the school's walls. 
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