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Boys Varsity Basketball: Season Outlook

As the boys varsity basketball team at St. Luke's School gears up for the season, a storm of anticipation and unity sweeps through the court. Head Coach Tony Newsom returns for his seventh season in charge and believes the Storm had a very positive preseason, marked by the team's participation in two fall leagues—a valuable opportunity for players to acquaint themselves with one another.
Guiding the Storm on the court are captains Gavin Sommers ’24, Bailey Finn ’24, and Asher Ableles-Tierney ’25. Coach Newsom emphasizes their role in setting the tone for the team's work ethic in daily practices. With expectations high, these captains are tasked with fostering a culture of hard work and dedication.
The entire team has showcased moments of brilliance during the preseason, leaving Coach Newsom eager to witness the squad's cohesion. A standout addition to the roster is Kaelon Commodore '26, a newcomer whose relentless work in the gym has already made a noticeable impact.
The team's goals are ambitious, aiming to compete for both regular and postseason conference championships and secure a spot in the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council Tournament. 
Coach Newsom's vision for the team transcends individual achievements—he wants the players to embody a spirit of playing for each other. The emphasis is on teamwork, selflessness, and a collective pursuit of success on the court.
Recognizing the youthfulness of the team, Coach Newsom anticipates some tough nights early in the season. However, he remains optimistic that the team will evolve and improve as the season unfolds. The goal is to peak at the right time, playing their best basketball in February and March.
"One of the things we're building this season is a sense of brotherhood on and off the court. When you play for each other, it transforms the game into something truly special," notes Coach Newsom.
As the Storm embarks on this season's journey, there's a collective spirit of ambition, unity, and growth that promises an exciting and challenging basketball campaign.
Coach Newsom envisions a season where the Storm unleashes its full potential on the court. "The journey from good to great requires dedication,” he said. “We need to cultivate a culture where we attack every practice with intensity and purpose. That's where greatness is born."
With experienced leaders, promising new talent, and a commitment to excellence, the boys varsity basketball team is prepared to leave an indelible mark on the court this season.
In the words of Coach Newsom: "We're not just playing a game; we're building something that lasts beyond the final buzzer. It's about the journey, the growth, and the memories we create together as the Storm."
St. Luke’s is currently 3-4 overall for the season with wins against The Frederick Gunn School, Hopkins School, and The Masters School (CT). The Storm is back on the court on Saturday, Jan. 6 at The Masters School (NY).
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