Finding da Vinci

Middle School Concepts

Below are ten Middle School design concepts selected during Schematic Design Phase l of the Finding da Vinci Design Challenge. Concepts were selected based upon design challenge criteria: the concept should reflect art, science, and the convergence of the two. It should be thought-provoking, have an underlying meaning or message, and impact the life of the school. It should respond to what happens in the space—be interactive or undergo a change due to some action upon it.

Team members: Colt Alford (6th), Bear Fox (6th), Margaret Huber (5th)

Team members: Colt Alford (6th), Bear Fox (6th), Margaret Huber (5th)

The idea behind Starry Night is to teach people what it might be like to reenter Earth’s atmosphere after being in space. It is a dome, which is completely dark inside, and it has a chair. When a person sits in the chair, the inside of the dome lights up with stars. It will be at the top of the stairs, where it will hang from the ceiling, and there will be a bridge to it. A moon hangs down from it. It is interactive because visitors can type in whatever they would like to superimpose on a star.

Team members: Hanaa Ahmar (7th), Andrew Gray (7th), Bella Martino (7th), , Sam Pakman (6th)

Concept: The Water Clock is a giant open-faced clock with water flowing around it, moving a big gear and flowing into a small pond at the bottom. A return tube sends water back up to the top so it is constantly recirculating. It is interactive because things can be grown in the pond and aquaponics can be added to the SLS science program.
Team members: Ellie Bailey (7th), Cameron Hill (7th), Emilia Murdock (7th), Jack Reed (6th)

Concept:  A train that travels on an elevated track around the St. Luke's Science Wing. A train whistle would blow for each change of class period. The train would have five cars. The first would say "SLS Express." The remaining four would represent pillars of St. Luke's such as Respect, Kindness, Curiosity, and Community. The team was inspired by Rube Goldberg contraptions that feature trains: "Everybody loves trains!"

Team members:  Ty Eveland (6th), Elyse Kim (7th) , Dillon Mannix (6th), Zoe Troeger (6th)

Concept: "Fan-Tastic" is a fan with four or five different layers, and it is designed to look like a gene. It is weighed down with weights that look like atoms. Light goes down the gene but doesn’t move or create shadows. It is environmentally friendly because it uses natural light to create the effects. A projector casts 3-D shapes as well as news and sports news, and students can choose what will be projected.

Team members: Kendall Bayliss (8th), Ellis Beurle (8th), Henry Jodka (8th), Andrew Wilson (8th)

Concept: The Waterfall Staircase is a staircase with water flowing through it. Fish will be projected onto the waterfall, and the water will always be changing. It will be interactive because people are able to choose the type of fish to project and study each in their natural habitat. Facts will be displayed for each fish that is projected.

Team members: Zachary Amendola (7th), Jackson Hart (7th), Margaret Maruszewski (7th), Jack Phelps (6th), 

Concept: A machine will be programmed to drop a ball of paint from a lightning cloud or storm onto a series of ramps. The ramps will lead to a platform and the paint ball will drop onto a canvas. The color of the paint will indicate which class period it is, and a key will tell visitors which color represents each class period.

Team members: Rebecca Bailey (7th), Josh Harper (6th), Jonathan Hobson (7th), Finn Regan (6th),
Concept: The Glass Storm or Storm Inside a Storm was inspired by the “S” in St. Luke’s logo. It is a giant glass lightning bolt with a continuous flow of water running through it, which causes a storm within a storm. It hangs from the ceiling so it can be seen through the windows. It will be interactive because visitors will be able to change the colors of the rain and regulate how heavy the rain is.

Team members:  Jack Briggs (7th), Nick Holmes (7th), Blythe Novick (7th), Shannon Rust (6th)

Concept: The Colored Shadow Projection or Light Shadow will be a big block with screens on all sides. Student artwork will flash onto the screens. A large projector with three different colored lights will encourage people to create artwork with their shadows, combining science and art.

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