Lunch & Lead with Philanthropic Foundation President Emily Tow Jackson

V. Parker
The Center for Leadership’s Lunch & Lead series welcomed Emily Tow Jackson, Tow Foundation Executive Director and President, on Monday, May 22. Jackson shared stories about her parents’ journey—from traveling to teaching to becoming successful business owners—that led them to establish the philanthropic Tow Foundation which prioritizes education, medical advancements and cultural institutions.

Jackson discussed the differences between a charity which gives direct services and financial support versus a philanthropic organization, such as the Tow Foundation, which does in-depth advocacy work. Jackson said, “It’s harder to ‘touch and feel’ what we do but our work can help influence legislation or have a broader impact.”

Jackson spent time discussing her organization’s work with the juvenile justice system and some impact they have had in this area. Director of Character Education Kate Parker-Burgard said, “The St. Luke's students who invited Ms. Jackson to speak this week are particularly interested in the topics she discussed and found this Lunch and Lead to be very inspiring.”

Jackson is also parent to St. Luke’s Hope ‘18 and Ben ‘18.

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