Women in the Humanities Club Explores Met Museum

V. Parker
From Women in Humanities Club Advisor Abby Abbott:

This past Sunday, the Class of 2020 Women in the Humanities Club ventured to nearby NYC to see some seminal works by women artists.

After a walk in Central Park, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to explore masterpieces by Artemisia Gentileschi, Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, Rosa Bonheur, Marie-Denise Villers, Mary Cassatt, Leonora Carrington, Georgia O’Keeffe, and a work depicting the Queen Mother Idia of Benin. In the artwork we saw themes of exclusion, femininity, power, motherhood, liberation, and how each of these artists found her own way to challenge the social norms of the time. Our day of observation and reflection ended with a delicious brunch at The Smith on Broadway. Even after a full day of exploring, the girls were still infused with the Homecoming spirit from the previous day. You can view this short video clip of them spontaneously singing the alma mater in the subway.

The Class of 2020 Women in the Humanities Club members who attended the outing included Sarah Byrant, Tasia Courts, Ashley Kelley, Phoebe Kurth, Mia Mitchell, Abigail O’Meara, Sierra Taylor, and Elsie Wells.

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