Robotics Storms the Field: Theory Meets Reality

V. Parker
From Middle School Science Chair Susan Bralower:

Middle School Science momentarily merged with Upper School Athletics when 73 students took their Robotics studies out of the classroom and onto the playing field. Head Varsity Football Coach Noel Thomas introduced the students to "Roger" the MVP (Mobile Virtual Player) which allows for reduced risk of injury during tackling portions of practice.

For the past five weeks, 8th grade students have been engrossed in building, coding and prototyping smaller-scale robots. As part of this study, Coach Thomas gave them an overview of the MVP and then went to Watson Field to see the robot in action. Students had the opportunity to race, tackle and control "Roger."

The students are now prototyping their own remote control robots in the classroom for our in-class Battle Bots competition.

View the MS Science with MVP Robot photo gallery.

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