Claiborne Beurle '23 and Turner Brode '23 win Middle School Artwork of the Week!

Nancy Sarno
Congratulations to Claiborne and Turner for winning Middle School Artwork of the Week!  Claiborne won for her piece showing two fire extinguishers, which she created in pen and ink. After learning about techniques such as scumbling, cross-hatching, hatching and stippling, she showed many values so we can appreciate the dimensionality of the extinguishers - not easy to do! Turner won for her sculpture that she created for the assignment to make an artwork that says something about the role of the media in our lives.  Her sculpture shows a person working at a desk almost drowning in a room that is filled with all kinds of things in a colorful and overwhelming variety.  Turner says- this is what the media is like- beautiful, messy, and uncontrollable!

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