St. Luke’s Blues Band

V. Parker
St. Luke’s Blues Band once again rocked the roof off the Seldin Performing Arts Center. The celebration was bittersweet because Blues Band founder, English teacher Mark Bisson, and its longtime leader, music teacher Bob Leinbach, are both retiring at the end of the school year.

Blues Band fixture, Assistant Head of School for Leadership & Innovation Jim Foley, saluted the pair post performance: A long time ago, a man named Mark “Mad Dog” Bisson took a bunch of students into the boiler room where they practiced and started putting on a show here at St. Luke’s—back when this Performing Arts Center was just a Middle School gym with folding chairs. Then, Bob Leinbach came on board with his special brand of showmanship and mentorship. Between these two guys, they’ve kept this spark alive for so many years...and they’re going out on top!”

Dylan Antonioli ‘19 also shared a few words of thanks: “This activity, this Blues Band gives us something so incredible after school every day for a couple months. We get to come here and be with this wonderful group of people. Everyone is so incredibly talented. You gave that to us. In 7th grade, I saw the Blues Band and that’s when I decided I wanted to take voice lessons and sing. Thank you so much.”

Watch all the incredible performances in the Blues Band 2017 video. You can also view the Blues Band photo gallery.

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