At St. Luke's, a Meditation is a reflection—a look back at a meaningful experience. An Upper School student or faculty member will share their Meditation during a weekly gathering. Below is a video gallery of selected Meditations, as well as an audio archive of all past Meditations.

Mark Davis, Head of School: "An Act of Pure Moral Courage"

Ajit Akole '18: "I am Ajit"

Liz Perry, Head of Upper School: "On Free Speech"

John Higgins, Upper School Science Teacher: "Everyone a Leader"

Lexie DuPree '18: "Finding My Identity"

Jim Foley, Asst. Head of School for Leadership & Innovation: "Road Trip"

Tom Owen, English Teaching Fellow: "Mr. Owen's Guide to Being Biracial"

Mike Rupp, Associate Director of Admissions: "New York State of Mind"

Porter Bowman '17: "To Lead a Meaningful, Impactful Life"

Meditations Audio Archive

    • Meredith Macey '20 Meditation: Recognizing Friendships and Blindspots

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