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Teaching Fellows at SLS

Welcome and thank you for considering the St. Luke's Teaching Fellows Program. SLS offers a unique opportunity for upcoming or recent college graduates who are considering a career in teaching. If you have questions or are interested in applying, please contact Jim Foley, Assistant Head of School for Leadership and Innovation.

What makes the St. Luke's Fellows Program distinctive?

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  • Guidance and feedback from a dedicated faculty mentor

    St. Luke’s Fellows learn the craft of teaching over two years under the guidance of a caring faculty mentor. Teaching two or three classes, Fellows receive feedback on designing lesson plans and assessments, engaging students in class, and leveraging their strengths to develop their personal style in the classroom. The mentor regularly observes classes and meets with the Fellows as a cohort as well as individually.
  • Opportunities to connect with students beyond the classroom

    Each teaching fellow serves as a co-advisor to a group of 6-8 students, partnered with an experienced advisor to learn the craft of academic and social advising. Teaching Fellows at St. Luke’s participate in all three seasons of co-curricular activities after school, through coaching sports, theatre arts, publications, or speech and debate. This allows Fellows to connect with students beyond the classroom and serve as role models. Fellows also provide one-on-one tutorial support for students in structured periods each week.
  • Professional Development Portfolio

    A distinctive feature of the St. Luke’s Fellows Program is the Professional Development Portfolio. We believe that teachers grow through reflection and deliberate practice, as well as through expanding their horizons by seeking out professional development outside of the school walls. Fellows attend three professional development experiences as a cohort:
    • The New England New Teachers Seminar (one week summer workshop)
    • Learning and The Brain (1-day workshop)
    • CAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference (1-day workshop)
  • Additional professional development (Fellow's choice)

    In addition, each Fellow selects a professional development experience of their choice to round out their portfolio. This might be something in their subject area or another area of interest. All Fellows receive a Macbook Air and an iPad, along with ongoing in-house professional development in technology integration. And finally, Fellows at SLS will also work closely with the Center for Leadership, a distinguishing signature program of the school. With mentorship by CFL staff, they will learn to design and deliver co-curricular programs that help every student to develop their own unique leadership abilities - including training in public speaking, team leadership development, and service learning pedagogy.
  • Assistance during job search in the independent school world

    In the second year of the Fellows Program, we provide guidance on completing a job search in the independent school world and bring a professional recruiter to campus to conduct mock interviews and give feedback on resumes and other teaching materials.
  • Competitive annual salary and full benefits

    Fellows receive an annual salary of $40,000 and full benefits including health care. Teaching Fellowships are available in the following subject areas, dependent on need in any given year:

    Leadership Studies

Contact Us

If you would like to be considered for future teaching opportunities at St. Luke’s, please email your resume and a thoughtful cover letter to:

Jim Foley, Assistant Head of School for Innovation and Leadership, at

Equal Opportunity Employer

St. Luke’s School is an equal opportunity employer. St. Luke’s School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, marital status, disability, veteran status or sexual orientation or any other basis prohibited by law with regard to hiring, terms and conditions of employment or educational programs. We strive to provide a welcoming educational environment where the value and dignity of each and every member is respected and valued.
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