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MS Artwork of the Week: Jack Aronian '27, Ben Biran '27, Ellie Fatsi '26, Maggie Lange '25, Sawyer Woodruff '25, Ella Thomas '25, Jack Winalski '25, Caroline Ethridge'25

Haley Wulfman
Congratulations to Jack Aronian '27, Ben Biran '27, Ellie Fatsi '26, Maggie Lange '25, Sawyer Woodruff '25, Ella Thomas '25, Jack Winalski '25, Caroline Ethridge'25 for winning Artwork of the Week!

If you look closely, amongst lots of other dazzling details, you just might find a tiny bird's nest stacked with little white eggs nestled in a chimney in Jack Aronian's sculpture of a wooden cottage.

A continuous narrative is a way of using many images or scenes within one frame to tell a single story. It's so rare to see a young artist create in this way, but Ben Biran has done such a beautiful job here--working top to bottom on a drawing about as tall as he is! (48"). If you ask him to tell you more about the story, you're in for a real treat.

Which of the delectable toppings would you want to try first in Ellie Fatsi's ceramic sculpture of a bowl of ramen? Her piece shows each part in such detail that it makes us want to run and grab our spoon and chopsticks!

Imagine walking along in the woods, and all of a sudden coming upon a clearing with the remarkable cottage of Snow White, created by Sawyer Woodruff, Maggie Lange, and Ella Thomas. The textures and colors all together produce such a whimsical version of this fairytale home that it's all too tempting to become tiny enough to skip across the soft grass, enjoy the sound of water trickling nearby, and approach the delicate front door (perhaps all with the perfume of the rose tree!).

Jack Winalski was the first in 7th grade to create a hand-built mug this year. After creating such a meticulous piece, he chose to approach glaze work with a minimalist mindset. The clouds on the coaster are the only symbolic element in the design, and allows us to appreciate the simplicity of their beauty.

And congratulations to Caroline Ethridge for making this beautiful, and intricate painting of things she loves to do and enjoy in the fall. And, please note that she used a paintbrush to create all that tiny detail!


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