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St. Luke's 2020 Senior Awards

Congratulations to the St. Luke’s School seniors recently honored during the Class of 2020 Senior Awards Ceremony. St. Luke’s appreciates this annual tradition and this year recognizes outstanding student contributions to St. Luke’s Upper School community during the 2019-2020 school year.

Salutatorian: Amelie Warneryd

Valedictorian: Chris Walsh

THE COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD: Ashley Kelley and Marco Volpitta
The Community Service Award recognizes a senior whose service to the community outside of St. Luke’s School has been extraordinary. Through volunteer work, the student has developed a passion, made a significant impact on the organization served, and lived out the St. Luke’s motto: Enter to learn, go forth to serve.

The Richard M. Whitcomb Character Award recognizes seniors who show an enduring commitment to qualities associated with good character such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. The recipients best represent the values and goals espoused by Headmaster Emeritus Richard Whitcomb.   

The Daniel Q. Ireland Award recognizes seniors whose unusually strong commitment and effort have resulted in achievements that have brought pride to the school.

The William K. Von Fabrice Award recognizes seniors, in memory of a co-founder of St. Luke’s, who placed great emphasis on friendship and concern for others. The recipients have demonstrated these qualities throughout their St. Luke’s careers, being loyal friends to both classmates and the school.

PEDRICK AWARD: Chuck Clemons
The Richard J. Pedrick Award recognizes a senior who exemplifies those qualities that best characterized Dick Pedrick — leadership, dedication, intelligence, athletic participation, good sportsmanship, and love for his or her fellow human being.

SELDIN AWARD: Henry Jodka and Connor Rosow
The Seldin Family Performing Arts Award recognizes seniors who have demonstrated an ongoing passion for the performing arts. The recipients have shown extraordinary dedication to the performing arts at St. Luke’s School, as exemplified by the Seldin Family, and achieved a level of excellence that makes them true stars.

The Karen E. Wiegman Award recognizes the seniors who have shown the most growth over their years at St. Luke’s School. This growth is marked by social connection, academic discovery, and personal maturation.

The Service Award recognizes a senior whose service to the school or community clearly surpasses what is expected. The recipient is the senior class exemplar of the school’s motto, “Enter to learn, go forth to serve.”

BE KIND AWARD: Brody Menzies and Emma Scanlan
Created in memory of Bill Mahoney, St. Luke’s School trustee, St. Luke’s School parent, and friend to all, this award is given to the graduating seniors who have actively practiced kindness and radiated good cheer. Through frequent acts of kindness and contagiously generous dispositions, the awardees make other people feel good, generate a spirit of inclusion, and inspire others to “pass it on.”

SENIOR BOWL: Chris Walsh and Amelie Warneryd
The Senior Bowl recognizes a senior who, in the opinion of the faculty, has consistently received significant academic honors during their St. Luke’s career, while participating enthusiastically in a variety of school activities.

SENIOR LOYALTY CUP: Jordan Robinson and Emily Stute
The Senior Loyalty Cup recognizes a senior whose contributions and dedication to St. Luke’s have distinguished him or her as an outstanding leader.

HEADMASTER’S AWARD: Tasia Courts and Connor Rosow
The Headmaster’s Award recognizes two graduating students who have made unique contributions to St. Luke’s in ways that bring great credit to the school.

St. Luke’s community “attended” the 2020 Senior Awards Ceremony virtually via a pre-recorded video: St. Luke’s 2020 Senior Awards Ceremony. Please take a moment to congratulate our seniors on our Facebook page where we have also shared the news of this year’s awards. 

The academic achievements of several other students were recognized at previous events: Classical, STEM, and Global Scholars at our Scholars Symposium, and St. Luke’s Cum Laude Society induction for seniors whose coursework is at the highest and most rigorous levels; who have shown high levels of achievement in their studies; and whose participation in class reflects enthusiasm for greater depths of learning.

Academic and character awards for students in grades 9-11 as well as the recognition of departmental distinction, Thespies, and Athletics Awards will be announced in the coming weeks

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