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St. Luke’s Names Class of 2020 Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Two extraordinary students and exceptionally kind people were given St. Luke’s School’s top academic recognition: Chris Walsh is the Class of 2020 Valedictorian and Amelie Warneryd is Salutatorian. 

The below remarks from Chris’ and Amelie’s teachers and college counselors paint a picture of two students who have gone Above & Beyond in their pursuit of knowledge and love of learning.

Valedictorian Chris Walsh ‘20: Attending Brown University

“Chris Walsh has been St. Luke’s top scholar since he arrived in 7th grade—no small feat given the intellectual heft and academic achievements of some of his fellow students...Driven by a combination of raw analytical power, insatiable curiosity, and the highest personal standards for achievement, Chris has devoured every reading, concept, problem set, and project put in front of him. In addition to an incredibly rigorous curriculum, Chris has done significant independent work as a Classical Scholar.” 

—St. Luke’s College Counseling 

“... you might think a guy who makes a 5 on the AP Lit. test, who receives the Brown Book Award, and who earns department distinctions in nearly every course he takes is a genius pure and simple, but Chris excels by dint of conscientious effort--that and an authentic love of learning.”

Senior English Teacher Stephen Flachsbart

“I have come to know Chris as a deeply thoughtful, hardworking, and genuine young man who is driven to excel in every realm. Since he joined my Latin class and advisory as a seventh-grader, Chris has pushed himself to succeed, setting his own bar high and always striving to exceed every expectation. If asked to write at least five sentences, he wrote ten. When he was told that he should try to speak some Latin during a discussion, he stretched his ability, opting to speak only in Latin that class. With every new challenge, Chris not only finds a way to accomplish the goals set by the class, but also to push himself beyond them.”

—Latin Teacher Leo Mahler

Salutatorian Amelie Warneryd ‘20: Attending University of Pennsylvania
“Amelie has been my top English student for three straight years. With a heightened sense of the power of words, a voracious yen for the difficult, and an elegant hand in phrasing, she was and is a singular and impressive intellect. I consciously avoid hyperbole... but it is impossible to paint a true portrait of this student without referencing her extraordinary gifts of comprehension and invention.”
—English Teacher Susan Doran

“Amelie is one of the strongest students to pass through St. Luke’s in the past few years, and she sets the standard for academic prowess in the class...She has been interested in neuroscience for many years. She has patiently and consistently learned everything she can about the brain and neuroscience through summer programs at the University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown, and most recently, an eight-week apprenticeship at the Naval Medical Research Center in Silver Spring, Maryland this past summer. Amelie has loved each of these experiences and based her STEM scholars project on her brain-trauma related research and ultimately wants to work to improve outcomes for patients with brain-related illnesses and injuries.”

—St. Luke’s College Counseling

“Conscientious, careful in her work, driven, and most of all, full of bright, dynamic personality, Amelie Warneryd has been a highlight in my classes. Amelie is an extraordinarily motivated student and has distinguished herself in my class as a top scholar and superb worker who is on a successful path of linguistic excellence and stellar personal development. Amelie is truly intelligent and thoughtful, and I have seen her talents (for French and other scholarly pursuits) develop noticeably over the past few years. She is among the most impressive students with whom I have worked over the past 26 years as a high school teacher.”

—Jon Shee, World Language Department Chair

“Amelie is a remarkable student. Her attitude, work ethic, and academic strength serve her well. Whether in the classroom or leading the Women in STEM Education club, she approaches her work with enthusiasm, competence and inclusivity.”

—Janet Jochem Science Department Chair


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