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CFL: Lunch & Lead with Michelle Richburg

By: Kate Parker-Burgard, Center for Leadership Director
On Oct. 27, a packed room listened to Michelle Richburg talk about her career in banking. A gifted storyteller, Richburg led the students through her journey to becoming a banker to the stars. Sharing stories that reflected her strong work ethic, unwavering resilience, guidance from mentors, and determination to navigate the ups and downs of her professional career, Richburg’s experience illustrated valuable leadership lessons. Her career goal came to her in a moment of insight, “I went to an event, and I knew immediately that I wanted to manage financial accounts for celebrities.” That goal propelled her to start her own business. 

Myles Sead ‘23, one of the Lunch & Lead Interns, commented, “I found it really insightful. It was a great way to learn more about her and the financial side of the entertainment industry.” 

To learn more about Michelle Richburg, please take a look at this article and podcast
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