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Hackathon 2022: Alumni and Parents of Alumni Mentors Needed!

We hope you will join us this spring (date to be announced) for the annual Hackathon at St. Luke's! Each year, we look forward to alumni and parents of alumni returning to the Hilltop to lend their expertise to our Hackers. During the event, teams of St. Luke’s students collaborate on software and hardware projects to make the world a better place. This year, Make it Better is the Hackathon theme and a call to action: Find a way to make the world a little better—for humanity, yourself, your dog or a random stranger. All our Hackers need to do is identify a problem, begin imagining how to solve it, and they're well on their way to hacking. They then have a full day to begin to make their idea a reality. Once again, St. Luke's is teaming up with the Prospector Theater, which is a first-run movie theater providing meaningful employment to adults with disabilities. At the Hackathon, Prospects (Prospector Theater employees) will share how they make the world a little better and where they could use a little help. Hackers have the option of tackling Prospector Challenges or working on their own unrelated ideas.

Please note that technical expertise is not required! Some of our more advanced students may need help related to software and hardware, while some of our 'first-timers' may simply need a few words of encouragement in working through their first challenge. The idea is to remove as many barriers to progress as possible, which - for most students - is just a few questions that help them reframe their challenge.  

If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please contact designLab Director Michael Mitchell at 203-801-4890 or mitchellm@stlukesct.org.

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