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Mandarin Students Tour Taiwan’s Night Market

By: Jingjing Lai, Upper School Mandarin Teacher
On Thursday, April 21, students in my Mandarin I class experienced the sights and sounds of a busy, Taiwanese night market through a virtual field trip, sponsored by St. Luke’s Global Education Department. Mandarin I students are learning about the differences between food in the United States and in China. 
The students followed a tour guide in real-time through the market. The students practiced the language skills they learned in class by ordering food for their tour guide and asking both the tour guide and market vendors questions, such as: What’s your favorite night market food? Do you go to the night market often? When do you usually work? Do you enjoy your job? 
Following the tour, students reflected on the different cultural aspects they observed, including the time difference, weather, food and beverage selections, prices, currency, and transportation. 
“It was incredible to experience the Taiwanese night market,” shared Ella Thomas '25. “I learned several fascinating cultural lessons about the market, such as traditional night market foods and drinks. The boba, tofu, buns, and sweet potato balls looked amazing and I wish I could have tried them.”
“I think it is cool how we were able to get a tour even though there is a 12-hour time difference,” commented Matthew Seale '23.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity for our students to engage in authentic, real-life conversations in Mandarin and to interact with people in Taiwan. We look forward to future adventures with our students.
To see photos from the students’ Taiwan night market tour, click here

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