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French Students See The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

A St. Luke’s 20-plus-year tradition was revived earlier this month when students in Jon Shee’s French 4 and Honors French 4 classes experienced the magic of Broadway on a trip to see The Phantom of the Opera

On Thursday, May 12, the students hopped on Metro North to travel to Grand Central Station, accompanied by Shee, Laurel Scarozza, Executive Assistant to the Head of Middle School & Head of Upper School, and Sally Rose Zucker, Upper School History Fellow. From there, they headed to the Majestic Theater for the show.

“Students are reading an adaptation of the original Gaston LeRoux novel, 'Le Fantôme de l'Opéra,' in French,” Shee said. “As a wonderfully fun and engaging finale to this unit, it has been a decades-long tradition at St. Luke's to take students to Broadway to see the live musical version of this classic story.”
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