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SLS PA: Continuing the Conversation about ADHD

The St. Luke’s Parents’ Association was excited to host a screening of Nancy Armstrong’s film The Disruptors last February. However, we felt like there was more to be discussed about ADHD and how students at St. Luke’s are supported through their school day. On October 27 we were able to continue the conversation with Kari Olsen, Director of Counseling & Well Being, and Learning Specialists, Stephanie Rein and Daphne Teittinen-Schreck.  

Parents were seated in small groups and asked to consider and discuss their impressions of the film. We began to focus on common themes and new ideas that came out of these group discussions which brought us to the most poignant exercise of the evening: put yourself in your child’s shoes. What challenges do you imagine your child encounters during their academic day? Discussions were lively as parents shared ideas and challenges with each other and soon felt connected as they discovered their shared experiences of parenting a child with ADHD. 

Kari, Stephanie, and Daphne shared tips and helpful executive function strategies, as well as additional resources which can be found using this link to the St. Luke’s Library.
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