Students participating in any of the three Scholars programs earn honors distinction. A year-long interdisciplinary research project is conducted by each Scholar and presented live to peer students, faculty and parents during the annual Scholars Symposium. Click here to see a full list of topics presented at the 2017 Scholars Symposium.

Global Scholars

Seniors selected as Global Scholars complete in-depth analysis of a global issue, extensive language study, and an interdisciplinary capstone project.

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  • 2017 Global Scholars

    Natalie Bachman, Global Scholar:
    A Catching Problem: Infectious Disease Prevention and Control in West Africa

    David Ball, Global Scholar:
    The Future of Energy: The Economic and Environmental Potential of Solar Power

    Porter Bowman, Global Scholar:
    Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Renewed Push for Scottish Independence in a Post-Brexit Europe

    Jack Hobbs, Global Scholar:
    Hollywood v. Hengdian: The Closing Cinematic Schism between Occident and Orient

    Ryan Murphy, Global Scholar:
    From JV to Jihad's MVP: An Analysis of the Rise, Ideology, and Future of the Islamic State

    Ella Pepper, Global Scholar:
    Who's Watching Whom: The International Effects of Hacking and Data Breaches Post 9/11

    Zoe Smith, Global Scholar:
    Acting as a Cure: Therapeutic Theatre for Victims of Trauma and War

    Alexa Vogel, Global Scholar:
    Skewing our View: How the Lense of Social Media Changes our Internal Field of Vision

    Paul Woodberry, Global Scholar:
    China: The Transition from Coal to Renewable Energy

STEM Scholars

The STEM curriculum includes the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students complete a set of core courses and a year-long research project in an approved field of study.

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  • 2017 STEM Scholars

    Kelly Adams, STEM Scholar:
    Psychological Cause and Effect: The Correlation Between Self Esteem and Risk of Panic Attacks

    Brittany Barton, STEM Scholar:
    Using Pixy Camera for Robotic Object Recognition

    Gabriella Finley, STEM Scholar:
    Psychological Cause and Effect: The Correlation Between Self Esteem and Risk of Panic Attacks

    Colette Juran, STEM Scholar:
    Investigating Galaxy Formation Throughout the Evolution of the Universe

    Alexa Karp, STEM Scholar:
    Optimizing Spherification Through Chemical Tuning

    Luke Martocchio, STEM Scholar:
    Machine Learning: Creating a Self-Programmed Board Game Expert

    Ian Smith, STEM Scholar:
    Discovering Vulnerabilities in Deeper Software Logic with a Hybrid Approach

    Jared Soltys, STEM Scholar:
    Determining and Controlling Genetic Luminescence via CRIPSR/Cas9

Classical Scholars

Participants in the Classical Scholars program undertake an enriched study of Latin and Greek. A senior-year research project, including classical humanities, completes the curriculum.

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  • 2017 Classical Scholars

    Mark Forese, Classical Scholar:
    The Classical Crusade: A Quest for the Legend of the Holy Grail

    Paul Mercedes, Classical Scholar:
    From Temples to Camps: Roman Military Medicine

    Georgia Nelson, Classical Scholar:
    Institutionalized Sexism in Roman Rhetoric

    Lily Williams, Classical Scholar:
    An Examination of Damnatio Memoriae in the Roman Empire
Chris Bloomer '16, Classical Scholar

Eliza Posner '16, Global Scholar

Alex Levy '16 & Nick Jodka '16, STEM Scholars

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