Students participating in any of the three Scholars programs earn honors distinction. A year-long interdisciplinary research project is conducted by each Scholar and presented live to peer students, faculty and parents during the annual Scholars Symposium. Click here to see a full list of topics presented at the 2018 Scholars Symposium.

Global Scholars

Seniors selected as Global Scholars complete in-depth analysis of a global issue, extensive language study, and an interdisciplinary capstone project.

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  • 2018 Global Scholars

    Kristen Beaumonte, Global Scholar
    Keeping Calm and Fighting Back: How Britain is Modeling Successful Recovery from Terror

    Hannah Haden, Global Scholar
    A Balancing Act: An Exploration of Pharmaceutical Drug Testing in Developing Nations

    Hope Jackson, Global Scholar
    Brexit at Work: The Effects of Departing the European Union on Scottish Jobs

    Elizabeth Laub, Global Scholar
    Call 911: The State of Emergency Medical Services in Low-Income Countries

    Sarah Powless, Global Scholar
    Secret Weapons: The Role of Women in the Islamic State

    Thaise Sudano, Global Scholar
    How a Harmful Tradition Persists in the Twenty-First Century: The Implications of Female Genital Mutilation on Women with a Focus on Senegal

    Jack Thies, Global Scholar
    The Broken Wheel of Recidivism: A Comparative Analysis of India and the United States

    Claire Wilson, Global Scholar
    Eye On The Ball: How Sports Affect Nation Branding in Brazil, New Zealand, and Canada

STEM Scholars

The STEM curriculum includes the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students complete a set of core courses and a year-long research project in an approved field of study.

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  • 2018 STEM Scholars

    Ajit Akole, STEM Scholar
    Mining Novel RNA Sequences: An Effort to Further Map the Human Transcriptome

    Dominic DeMarco, STEM Scholar
    Traffic Flow and Intersections: Using Microscopic Computer Simulation to Analyze Road Connections

    Sophia Feldman, STEM Scholar
    Exploring the Link Between Learned Emotional Intelligence and Academic Success

    Jack Halsey, STEM Scholar
    Macroscopic Modeling of Bohmian Mechanics Using a Vibrating Oil Bath

    Chloe Kekedjian, STEM Scholar
    Assessing The Biodegradation of High-Density Polyethylene by the Greater Wax Worm

    Andrew Kurth, STEM Scholar
    Carbon Nanomaterials for the Future: Optimizing Synthesis Efficiency

    Dennis Polyakov, STEM Scholar
    Zippy Chow: Using Traveling Salesman Technology to Optimize Food Delivery

    Alexandra Truwit, STEM Scholar
    Exploring the Link Between Learned Emotional Intelligence and Academic Success

Classical Scholars

Participants in the Classical Scholars program undertake an enriched study of Latin and Greek. A senior-year research project, including classical humanities, completes the curriculum.

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  • 2018 Classical Scholars

    Alexandra Schwartz, Classical Scholar
    The Art of Translation: Exploring Translation Theory in Catullus’ Carmen 36

    Cooper Truwit, Classical Scholar
    Augustus’ Ascent and Acclimation to Power

    Amelia Wyckoff, Classical Scholar
    Villain or Victim: Sexuality, Gender, and Female Agency in Medea*

    *Amelia Wyckoff's paper was awarded first place in the nation by the Cum Laude Society. Click here to read more about it.
Chris Bloomer '16, Classical Scholar

Eliza Posner '16, Global Scholar

Alex Levy '16 & Nick Jodka '16, STEM Scholars

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