Alumni Artistic Achievement Award




The Alumni Artistic Achievement Award is bestowed in recognition of an individual's contributions to, and/or professional achievements in, his/her chosen artistic field over a body of work. The Award covers all artistic fields broadly defined to include, but not limited to, Performance Arts, Visual Arts, Design, Choreography, and Composition.

General Criteria

All nominees must:

1. Be a graduate of St. Luke’s School;
2. Be nominated by a member of the St. Luke’s School community because of the individual’s significant achievements, or professional accomplishments, in the arts after graduation from SLS;
3. Exemplify the highest standards of ethical conduct and moral character, and reflect the highest of standards of SLS and its alumni body; and
4. Be able to attend and accept the award in person at the presentation ceremony held during Homecoming weekend.

These are minimum qualifications required for nomination and consideration by the SLS Alumni Association Board Arts Committee. Deviations from these criteria must be approved by the Committee.

Nomination Information

<i>(ex: John Smith '89)</i>

Educational Information

<i>(ex: 1985-1989)</i>
(Name of School, City & State, Years Attended, Year of Graduation, Degree)
(Name of School, City & State, Years Attended, Year of Graduation, Degree)

Alumni Artistic Achievement Award Nominee Info

Career Achievements in the Arts After Graduation from St. Luke's School
[To the best of your ability, provide details concerning the nominee’s career achievements in the arts including; the nominee’s chosen artistic medium(s), any post-graduate study undertaken in the arts, the nominee’s subsequent career in the field, any awards received, etc. Please provide electronic links to the nominee’s artistic works (e.g., studio website, professional portfolio, performance media credits, youtube video, etc.)]:
Artistic Participation While at St. Luke’s School
[While this award is provided for post-graduation accomplishments, the nominee’s participation in the arts, if at all, while attending St. Luke’s can nevertheless be instructive]:

Personal Testimonial

In addition to the above information, briefly describe why you feel this nominee should receive this honor, including for example, the nominee’s personal character, his or her contributions to the advancement of the arts, why the nominee reflects the highest values of the SLS Alumni Body (not previously listed)
Can also be sent as a separate attachment via email to David Hirx, Director of Alumni Relations (

Individual Submitting Nomination

All information submitted for consideration by the Alumni Association Board Arts Committee will be maintained by
the Arts Committee and the St. Luke's School Office of Alumni Relations.
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