MS Artwork of the Week: Scarlett McRoberts '24, Ava Waldman '24

Nancy Sarno and Haley Wulfman
Congratulations to Scarlett McRoberts and Ava Waldman for making Middle School Artwork of the Week!

Scarlett won for her drawing of Kong da Savage, the very popular pomerianian dog that can be seen all over the internet.  She did a great job on drawing the shape of the shape of the dog, the cute little face, and all the fur!  This is not easy, but something she practices alot, because she loves drawing dogs!

Ava's personal symbol design incorporates the letters of her first name (can you see it?). She carved this symbol into two different sizes of lino blocks, and then used these together to create the design on the front of the shirt. On the back, she used a paintbrush to apply fabric printing ink in the same design, but much larger, so it would be easy to see. What better way to advertise her personal logo than with a sharp-looking t-shirt?

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