St. Luke’s Alumna Shares Songwriting Skills

Songwriter, singer, and St. Luke's alumna Bella Doré '17 recently shared her composing skills with St. Luke's 7/8 Girls Choir. Middle School Music Chair Katie Kaplan invited Bella to share her musical story with the class and help put the essentials of songwriting into action.

Bella first spoke with the class about her journey as a young songwriter and performer as well as her passion for music. The Middle School singers and Bella then collaborated coming up with song ideas and voted on the song's theme: the ocean. They discussed the importance of good lyric lines and contributed suggested lyrics for their song. With contents in hand, Bella worked over the next few days on a composition. She returned with “Seems Like the Ocean to Me” which the class learned and sang together.

Middle School Music Chair Katie Kaplan shared, "It was wonderful to watch Bella in action and to see the faces of my students light up as they took part in the creative process. She was an inspiration to many of them. Perhaps future songwriters will emerge from this experience."  

You can view an excerpt of the choir singing “Seems Like the Ocean to Me” or read the music and lyrics.

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